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Golfer attrition is the #1 problem we have in the market.

Looking for a new way to attract golfers to your course?

The Players View provides partner courses with…

  1. Flexibility – We help give your golf course the flexibility to offer memberships that are best for your course and appeal to a larger golfing community. Every course has different needs according to the golfing demands of certain seasons, days of the week, and even times of the day. Our goal is to drive more traffic to your course consistently by presenting innovative opportunities for the consumer to come play, thereby allowing you to increase and stabilize course revenue. The Players View makes it easy for you to offer memberships at your discretion to achieve your business goals.
  2. Customization – Our Trusted TPV Professionals work with your golf course to design memberships that fit your course’s specific needs. The Players View makes this process easy. Whenever and however you want to change a specific membership offer, TPV is there to help you do this quickly and efficiently.
  3. Service – Our main focus is to serve you well. Our desire is to move golfers toward building stronger relationships with the courses they love to play. TPV promotes your golf course and golf professionals at no cost via our website as trusted professionals in your community. TPV will build your club its own personalized course page on the TPV website. We will advertise your course for free, marketing your specific memberships to our growing network of TPV members.

We would love to partner with you to help grow the game!

Golf is at a critical time in the history of the sport. According to industry sources, golfer attrition is the #1 problem we have in the market. Golf clubs must be willing to think outside the box about new ways to engage the consumer to play more golf. The innovative approach of The Players View can help you attract and retain more golfers at your course in a way that benefits both the consumer and the course. Let us show you how.

Contact us today at to sign up. Please provide your Name, Position, Phone Number, Course Name and Address. A TPV professional will be in touch to get you started and provide any additional information you may require.

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